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Frequently Asked Questions - Accountants

  • I’m a CPA. How do I get referrals for businesses in my area from the Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service?

    There are two ways you can become part of the Soccer Mom team.

    1) You can agree to pay Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service a referral fee for each referral you receive in your area. You would then meet with the business from which you received the referral and agree on terms and begin work for them. You would bill them under your name.

    2) You can become a contractor for a CPA in your area that currently receives referrals from the Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service, but needs help fulfilling all the work received. (Currently there are only contracting opportunities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.)
  • Are all the referral’s “work-from-home” jobs?

    For the most part, companies that contact us are looking for part-time, from home bookkeeping and accounting help. However, each company that contacts us has unique requirements. We occasionally have businesses contact us that need an accountant or bookkeeper to work part-time on site at their office. All of the fees and terms associated with the working requirements will be established by the billing accountant.
  • How do I get paid?

    Because we are simply a referral service, you would bill the client under your name and receive payment directly from the client. If you are a contractor working for a CPA that received referrals from us, that CPA will bill the client and pay you for the hours you worked.
  • Can anyone who is a CPA receive referrals from Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service?

    No. We have strict screening and interviewing requirements. We will only refer work to someone who has proven industry work experience, is up to date on all state accounting requirements and can provide excellent references. All CPAs who receive referrals from Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Services must sign non-disclosure agreements and pass background checks. We will only refer businesses to a CPA that is ethical and who we are certain will provide excellent service.