“Outsourcing financial services is a cost-effective way to manage your company’s payroll, tax and accounting services.”

Frequently Asked Questions - Clients

  • How does the program work?

    We refer small businesses and individual clients to a local CPA from our network. This CPA meets with new clients to obtain a full understanding of the business and accounting needs and drafts a scope of services and implementation plan for the client. This process includes formalizing services that will be provided, establishing implementation tasks and timelines, setting up the exchange of information, assigning staff, setting future meeting dates and a complete understanding of expectations. This communication is between the client and CPA who was referred by Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service. Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service does not employ any CPA or perform any accounting work. Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service simply matches the business with a home based accounting professional.
  • How does SoccerMom Referral Service get paid?

    Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service collects a referral fee from the CPAs in our network when business is referred to them. The CPA we refer you to will provide you a letter that specifies the rate they pay for the referral from Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service. The CPA will also clearly state all fees they will charge you for accounting and bookkeeping services at the initial contact of meeting. Clients do not pay any money to Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service, as the contract is between the client and the individual CPA firm performing the services.
  • What if my records are not currently well organized?

    Many of the clients that contact Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service do so because they need help sorting out information that was previously unorganized and inconsistently reported. We refer accounting professionals that work with clients through the early implementation phases to fully understand the history and condition of their accounting records so they can quickly and accurately organize it.
  • How will the accountant get our company's information?

    Typically, a CPA from our network obtains this information through e-mail or fax. For some clients, depending on the location and amount of information, the CPA will arrange for physical pick up.
  • Will the accountant assigned to my account be located close to my business and be able to meet with me?

    Yes. Being available to meet clients is one element that distinguishes our network of accountants from typical accounting firms.
  • Are the accountants qualified/certified and experienced?

    We have selected CPAs and accountants that have many years of experience in industry, public accounting, or consulting to be in our network. The accountants and CPAs are professionals with experience in various accounting software.
  • What turnaround time can I expect?

    The CPA referred to your business is committed to customer service and realizes the importance of accurate and efficient completion of projects. The turnaround time will vary by project and complexity. All projects or routine functions will have timelines established so that the expectations of the clients are met. This will be established by the CPA referred to the business.
  • Will SoccerMom Accounting provide technical support?

    The CPAs in the Soccer Mom Accounting Referral Service assist clients with understanding the software and the method by which transactions are entered and reported in QuickBooks or other financial/accounting software. Client hardware and Internet connectivity are the responsibility of clients.
  • What markets do you serve?

    We currently refer accounting professionals that provide comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting and tax services throughout the DFW Metroplex. Ask a representative for more details.
  • How do I get started?

    Simply contact us today to be referred to an accounting professional in your area who will set up a time to discuss your needs.